About us 

Welcome to our website and we are glad you’ve found the way!

We would like to tell you what VKA stands for and who we are. 

Our company VKA has arisen from our passion for agricultural machines. I myself (Robin Verbuyst) have had a passion for the agricultural sector ever since I was a child and I still think it’s the most beautiful sector on earth ! Therefore I’m often to be found in the fields, especially when the time has come to bring in the harvest. On top of that I’m also the owner of an agricultural mechanical company.

Besides, my dad and I are very fond of scale models, so we have already  visited a lot of toy farm shows in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and other European countries. As we are passionate collectors of these scale models the idea was born to produce them ourselves.

My wife Carmen Kerckhaert was born and raised on a farm in the beautiful province of Sealand, and she and I joined hands and…… VKA was born!

VKA represents VERBUYST KERCKHAERT AGRIMODELS and my wife and I “turn big icons into small ones”. As we have the right knowledge and passion,  we’ll be able to turn icons of earlier times into beautiful scale models.

It’s nice that you share that passion as well and hopefully we can rejoice you with a fine diecast. 

Thank you for reading our website and please contact us if you have any questions.

We’ll answer them the best we can! 

With kind regards, 

Robin Verbuyst & Carmen Kerckhaert